The river sand dryer is mainly used to dry materials within a certain humidity range, also known as sand dryer or sand rotary dryer. The drying temperature of the dryer can reach 800°C, and generally dry blocks, granules or powders smaller than 50mm.

The working principle of the river sand dryer: During the drying process of the river sand dryer, through the continuous rotation of the cylinder, the wet materials in the cylinder are continuously scattered and thrown, and fully contacted with the hot air. The contained moisture is gradually dried to achieve the purpose of drying.

Tips: The drying cylinder is placed at an angle of 5° to the ground, which is convenient for discharging.

Application of river sand dryer

After drying, the materials are widely used in construction, chemical industry, foundry, metallurgy and other industries. For example, all kinds of sand in the dry powder mortar industry; fine-grained clay in the building materials and cement industry; heat-resistant and dust-proof materials in the chemical industry.

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